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Email - POP

What is the difference between an alias and a POP email account?
Here's an analogy, to help you understand this better:
A POP email account would be like your mailbox at your house. You would use an email program to retrieve the email for the account, just like you would use your mailbox to retrieve your mail.

An alias, on the other hand, would be like a mail forwarding address. An alias forwards your email to a POP account as a mail forwarding address forwards your mail from another mail address to your mailbox. Once it is in your mailbox, or POP e-mail program, you check it there.

A POP account is the final destination of e-mail, whereas an alias forwards your mail to that final destination. The reason you would want to use an alias is because it looks more professional and "cutting-edge" for people to write to youralias@yourdomain.com rather than yourusername@yourisp.com.

Of the two methods, aliases are the most used and easiest to setup. They do not require anything special to be done for software configuration and all e-mail sent to a given address merely ends up in your normal ISP's mailbox.

Alias, the definition
In general, an alias is an alternate name for someone or something. In literature, a "pen name" is an alias for the author's real name. The noun is derived from the Latin adverb alias, meaning "otherwise" and by extension "otherwise known as" and the latter meaning is still used in English, as in: Clark Kent, alias Superman. In information technology, the noun has several usages.

When referring to email, an alias would be superman@yourdomain.com that forwards messages to a POP email address (i.e., clark.kent@yourisp.com). If someone sends you a message to superman@yourdomain.com, you would have to log into your clark.kent@yourisp.com POP emailbox to retrieve messages sent to the superman address.

POP3 Email, the definition
POP (Post Office Protocol) is a standard protocol for receiving email. POP3 is the most recent version of the protocol. POP3 is a client/server protocol in which email is received and held for you by
Parmacek.com Hosting. Periodically, you and/or your email program connect to the mail server at Parmacek.com Hosting to see if you have any mail waiting and download a copy of the messages. (Depending on your settings in your email program, you can leave a copy of the messages on the server to download on another computer or remove them completely from the mail server when you check your mail. The latter is what you want to use if you check your email in only one location, since disk space is limited for POP accounts. You don't want mail bouncing back to the sender if your emailbox runs out of room and can not take any more messages).







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